Ugly Kids Club

So, thanks to my friend Kevin Clay, the founder of MONKROCK I have a new little musical addiction, and I thought I’d share, because, link-love is good love. And in any case, these new artists are definitely worth their salt.

In any case, here’s what else is up with me:

  1. I’m quite content to be where I’m at in life, and now that things are stabilizing, I feel rather good again.
  2. I’m painting and drawing again, which is always a good sign.
  3. Despite the sometimes overwhelming challenges of working in mental health, I actually really enjoy my work situation as well.
  4. I’m planning a new side-venture to supplement my income and I’m actually really excited about it.
  5. I’m feeling rather inspired, which is also a very good sign.
  6. I’m still deciding on a new art project, but it’ll come to me, i’m sure.
Hope you enjoyed this.

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One response to “Ugly Kids Club”

  1. Steve Wilson says :

    Hey, thanks for posting the video! This is Steve from UKC. Blessings to you!!

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