My Review of Von Balthasar Reader

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Hans Urs von Balthasar was one of the most influential Catholic theologians of the 20th century. This easy-to-use, one-volume reader contains his essentials writings, on everything from the miracle of human existence to the nature of God. Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905-88) was a Swiss theologian,…

The Von Balthasar Reader

By Eli the Practical Catholic from http://www.practicalcatholic. on 6/21/2011
5out of 5

Pros: Broad, Deserves Multiple Readings, Informative, Well Written

Cons: Not for Beginners

Best Uses: Reference, Gift, Theology Students, Older Readers

Describe Yourself: Bookworm

The Von Balthasar Reader is a seminal text full of breadth, depth and insight into many different areas of modern theology. The selection edited and compiled into this volume represent a wide-ranging yet deeply committed compilation by editors who took the time to understand the original author’s intent and vision.

For those who seek to understand Catholic theology, or are looking for daring yet Orthodox ways of implementing theology into everyday life, this book offers that knowledge and insight.

With piercing words, and a daring interpretation of the Fathers that challenges modern complacency, Von Balthasar speaks with authority on the human condition, theology, and the Church.

Perhaps the most notable thing about Von Balthasar is his ability to adapt the theological vision of Karl Barth into something that works within the Catholic sphere to revitalize theological enterprise, not only for students of theology, but for pastors and laypersons looking for a greater ionsight into how the Christ impacts our lives together, today.

Balthasar’s main points of doctrinal strength include his ability to take history and turn it into something meaningful for modern man. He writes with unapologetic finesse about how God’s entering into history changes the center of our theological reflection.

Balthasar’s Theodramatik: the idea that we are the ones who receive love in the unfolding history of God’s offering Himself to us and for us is one of Balthasar’s central ways of looking at the world. All going back to the incarnation and how this singular event, the Christ-among-us phenomenon really shatters our pre-conceived notions of reality and offers them to us anew, from within the life of the Trinity.

This book is not for newcomers to theology, but nevertheless is a good read. If you are a newcomer, having this book and a dictionary of theological terms might be handy. For anyone seeking to renew, deepen or discover a theological vision that speaks with an authority like unto the original theologians of the Church, this book is essential.

I was given this book in exchange for a review, but it was exciting to see that this book was included in a market that desperately needs theological vision. I was satisfied with the compilation, with the delivery, and with the service from Aquinas and More. They provided speedy delivery, the book arrived in immaculate condition, and was everything they said it would be.



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