St. Josemaria Escriva- Cast Us Far Away

Lord, we are glad to find ourselves in your wounded palm. Grasp us tight, squeeze us hard make us lose all our earthly wretchedness, purify us, set us on fire, make us feel drenched in your Blood

—And then, cast us far, far away, hungry for the harvest, to sow the seed more fruitfully each day for Love of you

This is truly the prayer of a lover. Hans Urs Von Balthsar said “lovers know the most about God,” and he was right. Notice the absence of selfishness and the purity of intent that emanate from these words.

He asks to be brought close, to be drenched in the most precious blood, but only then to be cast out into the harvest as a worker. May we all be so bold and so daring as to join these prayers both in word and deed. Then we shall be practical, Catholic.


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