The Resurrection and Christian Knowledge

The Resurrection in Christian theology and practice is not a matter of grasping something abnormal and positing it as a mere historical fact. That’s where fundamentalists and their approach to Christianity falls far short of what Christianity calls for.

Christianity calls for a radical divergence from all prior streams of though, a new and final worldview that establishes itself in the place of all other things.

Knowledge of the resurrection is a knowledge not of some past event, not of some sort of passed on testimony. Knowledge of the resurrection does not happen solely in the historical sphere, but also and more importantly, in the religious and spiritual sphere of man. In seeing the resurrection the Christian is called to be grasped by the intent of God to marry Himself to all creation and finally establish His place within it as the pinnacle and source of all things.

In the resurrection God reveals to us his determination to encounter both the living and the dead, the whole and the broken, the ends of existence itself, and the height of human glory.

The Resurrection is not a historical event like others, it is the definition of history. It creates history, for in it, God has established the He shall finally be Our Lord, and we shall finally be His people. The resurrection writes our continued history, it begs us to move beyond the illusions of historicity and to enter into the spirit of this history, to be apprehended by the one God, and the messiah Son who reveals Him to us with His final and definitive word that God shall not abandon His creation, even unto death.



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