A Kiss Between Heaven and Earth


A time to return to Christ; to remember with all our hearts what goes before and calls us home.

I have few words, but I want to say that this Lent has taught me the meaning of sacrifice, and reflecting on the Annunciation and Our Lady’s yes to God, I think I can finally relate a bit, and can begin to understand with my heart why this feast is a Lenten feast.

We, my friends are bearers of a costly love.

We are the manifestation of God’s joy to share Himself with the world. The Glory of God was once a fearful thing to me in my younger days, and now it is a sign of hope, of the joy which we can share in now.

As we come to the table, we lay down our arms, our malice, our grievances, our debts, and our debtors, and in so doing, we learn to live from a new world towards the present. The present of God to us is this alternative culture that clashes with the world of death and decay we find ourselves in.

We can be surprised by joy in the midst of grief, because we know that in all things a new world is already taking form in and through us and in all creation, because God continues to reconcile all things to Himself through Jesus of Nazareth, the rejected Rabbi, the King of Glory.

We are in all things the poorest of the poor, the emptiest of the empty, but with Jesus, even the empty meaningless hopelessness of the days we sometimes face are redefined in the arms of a nail-scarred God as the greatest union we can have with the God that unites through the breaches.

We are the weak ones, the children, the ones who pray for peace and give their tunics and their coats also. We are the manifestations of the courage of God, the courage of a Love that continues to illumine our hearts and the hearts of all the world.

Let us observe our griefs with gladness, our losses with contentment, and our sorrows with joy. When we lose, we gain. Where there is emptiness, it is there that God can infill our breaches with Himself. He did so once before. Where there was no kingdom, no glory, no Israel, he created one. Where there was only death, Christ has thrown open the greatest most terrifying abyss of endless Love.

It is when we are the emptiest, when the night is the darkest, when the sorrow is the deepest, that God is there, with nail scarred hands, and grasping for crucified breath, shedding his blood abroad, with us in sorrow. The distant God is only distant because He is nearer to us than we are to our very selves.

It is a terrifying thing to find oneself in the hands of a loving God. Where our hearts are too weak to rise to Love, he shall tear us open and give us Himself until we burst, and continue to fill us to overflowing.

Love costs brokenness, let us have the courage to not spare ourselves the joys of love.

Happy Lent.


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