St. Cyril of Jerusalem “The Spirit Comes Gently”

Today is the memorial of a Church father who laid a lot of groundwork for our theology of the Holy Spirit, St. Cyril of Jerusalem.

The Spirit comes gently and makes himself known by his fragrance. He is not felt as a burden, for he is light, very light. Rays of light and knowledge stream before him as he approaches. The Spirit comes with the tenderness of a true friend and protector to save, to heal, to teach, to counsel, to strengthen, to console.

Look at the movement in these words. The Spirit has a procession of his won, and he is preceded by light, and knowledge, much as Isaiah and the prophets would say of the Spirit of the Lord. St. Cyril is a wonderful saint to consult for theology of the Holy Spirit, and I would encourage you to engage him at some point in your near future, maybe even today.




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