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Intentions for 2011

Hey guys, here are my intentions and goals for 2011 on the blog.

1. I desire to be more centered in apologetics, the Church Fathers and answers to questions about Catholicism.

I know there are many blogs that do this, but I have not stayed true to my goal of talking about conversion as much as I would like to. Therefore, I will be doing readings in Church History and talking through my conversion.

2. I desire to make better contact with my readers and be more accessible to your input and to write about things you want to hear.

3. Since my parish is a pilot church for the new translation of the mass, I would like to discuss said changes.

4. I desire to blog about things I like besides theology and open up about movies and other media I enjoy as well.

5. I desire to share more of myself to you, and welcome you to share yourselves with me. I welcome more comments and desire to be more active on your blogs as well.

Thanks for your continued reading, I appreciate all your support. Be blessed this year, and may we grow in the grace of Our Lord.

Eli Silva, The Practical Catholic


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