The Philokalia

I got the Philokalia for Christmas, and I will be blogging out some of my thoughts and reactions. I want to do a series of reflections as I read through the various authors. I will examine the writings of the authors, and tease out some of the major themes of the entire work.

Subjects to look forward to include: Interior life, contemplation, silence, the intellect, the Logos, the Jesus prayer, the intellect, passion, anger, virtue, demonology, psychology and monasticism. On this blog they will be examined from a more personal/pastoral perspective.

I have no time table for these posts and they will happen as time allows. Look for the Category tag: Philokalia

I hope you enjoy. I know I will.

For those interested in my more academic work, check out my other blog for more studies in the Philokalia from an academic perspective.


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