To My Brethren

Let us lift a glass and toast our King,
whose praises all the world shall sing
a minuscule and infant Lord
Humility to be Adored

To my brethren then I propose a toast
To Him Who fills the Sacred Host
God with us, enfleshed, enthroned
The Son of Mary whom all are shown

We celebrate this infant well
remembering the gates of hell
the ravages left upon this earth,
fall apart before this fortuitous birth

Then my brethren let us rejoice
and cry aloud with single voice
Glory to God in the Height of heaven,
and on earth, peace for all men

He makes his residence among us by His Spirit
and kings still tremble when he’s near to us
in cloud and fire and manna He dwells and is swift
Epiclesis, Pentecost and Host; He gives gifts

Danger my brothers, for kings of the earth
He cleanses the waters and gives a new birth
interior life is but part of the plan
soon all the nations shall know His command

Let Justice flow, like many waters, he says
For He knows our pains and hears the cries from our beds
Soon we shall see the right that he brings,
if only we open our eyes to the King

Teacher and Preacher, Lamb who returns
we pray for thy table and those who would spurn
the gift of thy presence, the righteousness, a light from above
that You might have mercy and fill them with love

Turn from your quarrels and ponder with glee,
The One who is given for you and for me
Born unto us from Virgin Mother’s womb
calling us too, to enter His tomb

To pass through those waters of death to new life
To help his kingdom do away with our strife
To become one body, all sharing His bread
to eat at His table, one Family, One Head

Brothers and Sisters, let us draw near
and worship the God who beckons us here
that in our exalting we might be the ones
who through the Holiest Spirit make present the Son


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