“Beat” Spirituality Part Two

So last time in this series we talked about building an interior moving castle and I’d like to continue this week, by offering another little insight. The Beat Generation was collectively enthralled by the idea of the spirituality of the now, but they also had a larger grasp on something that I know has helped me develop a stronger interior life. I’ve gleaned from these writers and their thoughts to pick up on beauty and wonder.

A Rabbi I read has said “The surest way to suppress our ability to understand the meaning of God and the importance of worship is to take things for granted. Indifference to the sublime wonder of living is the root of sin.”

I think that Abraham Joshua Heschel, our aforementioned Rabbi has a point. If we cannot wonder, we cannot understand God. Wonder is a combative force against the power of apathy. Wonder is the great secret that sustains the ardor of the soul in search of God.

2) Everyday Wonder

Ever had a secret? Like a real secret? But something that delighted you? Have you ever seen the Shawshank Redemption? If not, I’ll take a short segway there. It’s about a prisoner, who no matter what, never seems defeated, he always keeps his head up, he always has a strength about him. I’m not gonna ruin the movie for you, but needless to say, he has a secret that keeps him motivated. He stands firm, knowing and trusting in his secret.

I think that the gospel is like that secret.

On our highways, our pilgrimage towards Christ and the New Jerusalem, we can see that the gospel is that secret that perpetuates our joy. And not only the gospel, it can be a spouse’s kiss remembered, a good time with a parent or child, a particular prayer, sometimes all it takes is a story of hope. As you move along, make sure to pick up little pieces of hope, and hold them tight. Pick up little joys and keep them close at hand. Keeping these in mind will help you “beatify” (sanctify and bless) everyday life.

I am positive that in finding a constant and renewable ability to wonder, we are surely coming closer to God when we spend our energies contemplating the Divine things He offers our minds for meditation. Things like the crucifixion, things like the writings of the saints, the assumption of the blessed Mother, all these things are worthy of our imaginative energies. Not only those things, but as I mentioned everyday life, has the ability to remind us of the goodness and worthiness of the God we serve when we look upon the good that we have experienced and tuck those little stones into our pockets to help build our castle which is ever approaching Christ.


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