An Update

So I have been in Tulsa for 11 days, and it’s been pretty awesome. I attend Church of the Madalene, with Kassie, everyone’s favorite Vatican spy.

Since I arrived I have acquired work, which I start tomorrow, and I have gotten a handle on things pretty well. I’ve attended two RCIA classes thus far and they have been really good. I really like my priest, and am really glad with the parish I now call home.


The most difficult thing to get used to so far has been not having my mom or brother around, as well as not pastoring. I really depended pretty heavily on them. My old church is missing me, I’m sure of it. I have missed them terribly, and the weight of no longer pastoring hits me sometimes. My mom and brother have been really supportive in the transition as has Kassie. It’s been really awesome so far.

Another things that’s taking getting used to is just not knowing anything anymore. I mean, things are the same, but they are different, some have graduated, some have married, and still others have moved on, it’s been really interesting taking it all in.

I didn’t get a job till yesterday, so I was a bit worried about that, though I did set myself a two week cushion as a deadline.

So, that settles the difficulties, which I figured I should address at least a bit. But, there have been so many more awesome and fun experiences I want to talk about.

Monday October 4th was more than just a good day, it was more than a great day even, it was fantastic, quite literally one of the best days of my life thus far. I feel like Kassie and I have not missed a beat, things just flow between us and we get along fantastically in person.

Monday evening last week we hung out and had pizza and watched a movie. It was the best. Friday last week we went to the Tulsa State Fair, and it was another super-fun experience. People watching, and taking in the sights, sounds, lights and colors of the fair was super awesome. We share in common more quirks and likes and dislikes than I thought possible, and it’s pretty amazing how things work with us. I love her even more than I did before, and I have no idea how such a thing is possible sometimes.

We just click. Everything we were before, we are now, but in person.

My local parish is pretty fantastic. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, being a Novus Ordo parish, but it’s a Novus Ordo done well. Our priest is spiritually adept and pastorally engaging. I have met with him personally once already and I really like him. He reminds me of Robin Williams’ character in Good Will Hunting. In fact, at RCIA I half expect him to start writing math equations on the white board.

I am happy, and I am excited about the shape of things to come. Few things excite me more than the place I am in life right now, and the way that God is working has been stupendous, it’s been a challenge to be sure, but a good one. I love the way that things are coming together, and I feel reassured about everything. God has been so good to me, and the way things are falling into place is certainly reassuring. Thanks for the prayers, for reading, and for continued support. I’ll write more extensively on goings on soon.


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