5 Things I Learned This Week

1) This has been the longest week of my life.

In all sincerity, the time between last sunday and today has been ridiculous, and aggravating and painful and joyous. It’s been a week packed with emotion, memories, a retirement, a wisdom tooth and other random events. It’s been a long but good week.

2) Kassie and I will be reunited on Monday.

There are no words for the excitement, anticipation and sincere relief that this hope causes.

3) I’ve had a positive effect on the people I have been around this past year.

My friends all acclaimed me highly and were very grateful, it was nice to see that so much good has been done this past year. I am glad I’ve had a positive effect on people, and helped them grow and learn, because they have definitely had a likewise effect on me.

4) I need a vacation. Thus I’m going to keep this entire post short since I leave for Ft. Lauderdale in about an hour or so.

5) Kassie is by far the better blogger between us.

She racks up stats, she collects comments, she infiltrates the internet. She’s by far the better blogger, and I’m proud of her. I can’t wait to see her on Monday.

I begin the next leg of my adventures in being Catholic by bringing to you hilarious and amusing stories from my conversion experiences which are to ensue. I’m sure. We’ll talk soon. I’ll blog again on Sunday night. Talk to you all soon.

Pray for me as I fly, because it’s gonna be strange making a life change of this magnitude. It’s gonna be awesome. I have learned that I can do anything with Kassie at my side. She’s an awesome blogger, but even more than that, she’s the sweetest girlfriend ever. I love her.


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