5 Things I learned this week (Plus One)

1. Waiting is a Bitch

It’s true. With 10 days left to see my sweet Kassie, I may as well be waiting to be let out of an isolation cell. Waiting sucks. I have cabin fever. No cures discovered yet, but surely this is the cause of my obsessive blogging.

2. I blog too much

I know some of you love reading my stuff as often as I write it across all three blogs, but really, i know I write too much. I’m gonna take steps to remedy that, I think. I hope? Maybe not. We’ll see. It’s nice to have something to do while my mind could be otherwise obsessing over seeing Kassie or counting the days over and over to see if one’s passed yet.

3. Twitter is where it’s at

Kassie and I have made some super awesome friends on twitter and recently, I was asked to consider being on a podcast to offer a Catholic perspective. I’m pretty stoked about all that. I love twitter because I’ve learned to enjoy so many different voices, all adding joy to my life.

4. I survived working for my father

I did it! I survived working for my dad. I worked hard, and was diligent, and everything came together. I got the amount worked out just right and I rested enough along the way to have minimal insanity. The machete almost killed me twice, the muriatic acid filled my lungs like fire, and I thought I might die more than once when setting fires or putting them out or coming across unsavory animals. But I did it. Also, I really am part Inquisitor part Aragorn part Indiana Jones, as my Texas flower calls me.

5. I survived dating and courtship and everything else

Kassie’s post this week about the upcoming post on courtship makes me think. I read an article she posted via twitter and laughed but felt terrible too. I survived dating, mostly because my parents were a bit hands-off, but they had taught us the right virtues so I did ok. I don’t mean I was perfect, but I did make it. I survived dating, I survived other girls’ parents doing the courtship thing, I survived being a closet Catholic among baptists for a year, I survived my father, I survived all of this to say, I love it all. I love everything. Everything is beautiful.

And having survived it all, I’m glad I have Kassie at my side, who makes me grin, and who makes everything worth it, who has made me smile, and has blessed my heart. I love her. Visit her blog.

Plus One: Blessed Adoration is soothing

I took a friend of mine to see Jesus with me at a local parish this week. It was awesome. We prayed, it was his first time in a Catholic church. I loved it. I found a ton of peace in the middle of a busy day yesterday. Given the nature of my future employment, I might try to make adoration or mass a daily if not at the very least a twice a week thing.


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