5 Things I Learned this Week

I have no idea how to be a Catholic man.

Have you ever felt that way?

I mean, I’m unmarried, young and thoughtful about my faith, but I often worry about how to be practically Catholic. Sometimes i worry that the Inquisition might come looking for me and find me lacking, in some way. I have no idea how to handle all this new information and all these new horizons that come before me. Sometimes I feel like I’ll be kidnapped and forced to confess to ridiculous sins. (I should probably stop basing my thoughts on conversion so close to all the Monty Python in my brain.)

I wanted to share some thoughts as the come to mind, and just share 5 things I kinda learned this week or happen to be thinking about.

Before I offer the 5, I never expected this to be a men’s blog, and I’m not sure that that’s what it is, but thanks for reading either way. I will start talking conversion more this week and things start to happen.

Anyways, here are 5 things I have learned being a Catholic man this week:

1) Life is more than we think it is, and it can’t be reduced to cause and effect
I guess what I mean is, I’m making room for mystery. Learning the practical side to a faith I have been saying yes to in my mind for three years is a big challenge. But I’m learning to embrace the mystical and the mysterious.

2)Religion is not just for women.
Having a profound and developed interior life is for real men.Real men pray the rosary because real men honor their Mama. Real men devote themselves to the service of others because real men follow the example of Christ. I have learned to develop my interior life not only helps my work, but my play, not only my discipline, but the way I go about rest.

3) Even practical catholics need rest.
I have worked over 60 hours this week, slept about 3-5 hours a night and am beat. I should learn to rest. God gives us rest, and times of peace, and we should take refuge in this. It is in our nature to rest, and to have limitations. Just because I don’t save the world every day doesn’t mean i’m a failure.

4) Trust your lady.
If you’re in a relationship, married or otherwise involved, if your lady is filled with wisdom and a love for Christ, trust her where her judgment seems right. It’s not unmanly to just, trust someone else with a decision you seem to be having issues with. Trust her, cherish her opinion, or seek clarity with Our Lady through the rosary.

5) My last thought for the night?
Chill out.
I have been stressed and stressing, paranoid and tired, and it’s been awful. I know I need to calm down, relax and think through things with a clear mind, thus, I am going to keep sipping this beer and watching football till I pass out.


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